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REST API of satisfaction surveys enables you to use surveys data from and connect them with other tools.

We have one API call for satisfaction surveys data. This data is updated continuously with each new survey answer. The anonymity of the respondent is maintained for all answers. No filters are available for this api call yet.

If you haven’t read the basic information about REST API, you can find it here.

REST API: “nps_results”

Description of the call:

Returns information about all NPS Settings(manually or auto trigger which generate main survey in selected frequency), main surveys which contains surveys for every stakeholder contact, survey questions and answers, notes for main survey, final results and results for each stakeholder.

Accessing data from tables:

NpsSetting, MainSurvey, StakeholderSurvey, Survey, SurveyQuestion, SurveyAnswer, SurveyResult, SurveyNote

Example of curl:

curl -u username:password -i -H ‘Accept:application/json’

Example output:

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