Make your customers happy by delivering what they need is day to day tool for IT Executives and Service Owners helping them to know what services to deliver, manage it, optimize and improve it to make stakeholders happy
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Our two solutions are built for every type of business

Jira app Service Catalogue

IT Service Catalogue management as Jira application. It contains predefined service relationship structures and links to standard Jira issue types. These features enable Service-driven approach in your organization.
  • Services and components (light version of CMDB)
  • Relations to providers and stakeholders
  • Links to Jira issues types
  • Basic service management reporting
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Price based on user volumes

CIOs & IT Service Managers tool

Day to day tool for CIOs and IT Service Managers helping to map, focus and manage IT Services according the business and stakeholders needs and strategic goals through the whole IT services lifecycle. Enforce tactical and strategic tasks to your teams continualy.
  • Service and portfolio catalogue (free)
  • Catalogue & Tasks performance reporting (free)
  • Satisfaction surveys
Free version
Paid in-app advanced features
Our features
Measure stakeholder satisfaction of your services
Improve your services based on satisfaction and feedback obtained from selected stakeholder groups.
Manage your tasks
Keep your IT services up and running by handling incidents, problems and changes in a right way. Focus on the right thing and do not forget anything.
Map your services and their dependencies
Visual service catalogue helps to discuss your services with business and understand their various criticality and operational parameters.
See your tasks in calendar
Plan your work and connect it to your default calendar application (Outlook / Gmail).
„IT driven activities supported by Service Catalogue (namely making the list and defining various criticality levels for business services) have enabled constructive collaboration with our business partners. Thanks to these discussions, business partners themselves identified the need of investments into specific service components (applications and infrastructure parts) critical to our business operations.”
David Pečenka
CIO, Sodexo Pass Czech Republic
We are active supporters of the 14th annual itSMF Czech republic conference.