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This cloud application offers basic structures, relations and reporting of IT Service Catalogue management. It contains predefined service relationship structures, links to standard Jira issue types and required details like owner or business criticality. 

These features enable a Service-driven approach as well as building Service Relationships in your organization.

Map together Services and their underlying components

Predefined catalogue structures guide you through the definition of a light version of CMDB. Compose components into end-to-end services consumed by stakeholders.

Know your providers and stakeholders

Knowing your service users and component providers is easy thanks to predefined relations between relevant structures. You can focus on communication and relationships instead of finding information.

Link relevant Jira issues types to services

Each Jira issue type can be linked to relevant end to end service. These relations allow further reporting and analysis to focus and make the right business decisions.

Overview reports

Basic service management reporting helps to report, analyze and improve service quality and stakeholder relationship.

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