Visual service catalogue and automated governance as new Simplyit.cloud features!

Service governance is one of the most important practices in service management. It ensures acting, not just talking and documenting. Meeting internal business counterparts or external vendors, discussing the right topics, measuring and evaluating agreed parameters, following-up and improving. All these aspects are quite hard to do, if you don’t have appropriate contextual information, right understanding and tooling, and of course, simple, not too much bureaucratic process.

This becomes even harder in current changing business context and technical environment (cloud, hybrid models, micro-services, on demand services) as described in our recent article. Therefore, we designed and delivered this as a new feature!

What’s new in our current release?

  1. Visualization of end-to-end services, their components, provider and relations.
  2. Automated governance to generate and remind repeating activities on different levels.
  3. Visual task board to easily track the action points and improvements from the governance meetings.
  4. Small bug fixes and usability improvements

Visualization matters

One of Simplyit.cloud values is visualization of your services and dependencies enabling discussions with your business owners about following topics:

  • which of these services are business critical and which are not?
  • what parameters do they require?
  • are there conflicting SLAs?

This is how the service visualization in new release look like:

Simplyit.cloud visualization of end-to-end services, service components, vendors and their dependencies.

We described the map and visualize scenario more in details here.

Govern, manage, improve

Automated governance is our second key scenario. In the new release, we support it by following features:

1/ Enabled End-to-End governance

The new release enables task creation also on E2E Services level. By this we enable better collaboration with business stakeholders. Thanks to E2E Services tasks we can fully govern and enable Continuous Service Improvement across business, IT and Providers.

2/ Task board as the new homepage
Our Task board enables efficient processing of all tasks assigned to individuals. Its visual form provides quick outlook of what is next on your agenda and what are your current responsibilities.

New Simplyit.cloud task board to easily manage all governance or improvement tasks.

3/ Automated Governance enables standardized way to manage different criticality groups of E2E Services or Providers. You can define your regular governance activities like:

  • SLA reviews,
  • meetings with business counterparts,
  • or face to face visits with partners.
Defined automated governance for specific end-to-end service.

Are you ready to support discussions with your business by visual service map with the key dependencies? Ready to automate your governance?

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