Use SimplyIT.cloud as ITSM tool

Did you know you can use SimplyIT.cloud as a simplified ITSM tool? With SimplyIT.cloud you get basic ITSM functions and do not need to control the number of users in the tool as our license is per legal entity, not per user.

We are just at the beginning of our journey therefore we crave for feedback from our users. Your feedback and preferred use cases help us develop SimplyIT.cloud in a way best fitting your business needs.

You can start your 30 day trial now without any commitment nor credit card details.

If a 30 day period is not long enough for you to test SimplyIT.cloud, please, let us know (support(at)simplyit.cloud) and we will extend your trial period by another 30 days in exchange for feedback on how you use our product.

Basic ITSM capabilities

How is it possible you can use Simplyit.cloud as ITSM tool? It’s thanks to 2 core capabilities of our product:

  1. Handling various tasks and creating own task categories.
  2. Building a service catalogue with a few layers.

Our Service catalogue can have following 4 layers:

  • Stakeholders (customers)
  • End-to-End (E2E) Services
  • Service Components
  • Providers

As the result of the above mentioned, you can easily transform SimplyIT.cloud into lightweight ITSM tool with the capability of handling the following processes:

  • Service Catalogue Management
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management

Set up your service catalogue

If you need to set up your service catalogue watch our instruction video.

In case you don’t want to start building your service catalogue now, you can create a few generic end-to-end services or stakeholders to start managing your tickets. You can update and improve your service catalogue structure later.

Set up your tasks

  1. Go to “My company” in Settings
  2. Select tab Task categories
  3. Click on the blue plus (+) symbol to create new task category

To follow Incident, Problem and Change management process, you need to create three new task categories:

  • Incident
  • Problem
  • Change

Start using the task board

You can find and manage your Incidents, Problems and Changes tasks in the task board.

Create new ticket

You can also connect your tickets with more than one object. Typical example can be linking impacted customers of End-to-End Service under Incident and related provider(s) causing it.

Add related catalogue items into your ticket

Using the backlog when the dates are unknown

In case there are items with no estimation of start or end date, you can use the backlog feature. This is really useful especially for not yet assessed Changes or low priority Problems.

Create new backlog item

The backlog feature helps you to prioritize and select the next work item when you or your team has available capacities. You can also set priorities by drag and drop feature in this list.

Managing your backlog items

It is that simple to cover basic ITSM flows and scenarios. Are you interested in starting your 30 day trial now without any commitment nor credit card details? Just register for free or contact us.

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