Simplyit.cloud Scenario 1: Focus on the right things

Recent business trends like cloud, on-demand services, outsourcing or microservice architectures change the way companies operate nowadays. It makes business and IT infrastructure more complex and fragmented, due to outsourced services, combination of physical and virtual environment, on-premise and cloud solutions.

It demands changes in the way we used to manage our business and IT.

In current complex environment, you need to know:

  • Which of the vast majority of your services are the critical ones?
  • Which can be outsourced and which are the core ones?
  • Where to focus on and how to set the right quality parameters? As outage costs more for the critical services, but you can save money on less priority ones.
  • What vendors provision them and under what quality and conditions
  • Where is the data stored?

It is the same as in marketing case. Marketing managers and specialists use various tools to know, where the money flows and what works. Which campaign worked? Do we need to increase PPC, or do we spend the money on a conference instead? Where do new leads come from? They use the tools to focus on things that work and are important and therofore spend the money wisely.

Focus matters …

Same is valid for COO and CIO role, IT or SIAM managers. You need to know what IT services or IT systems are critical for business operations. Where to set the high quality parameters and where not. Do we need to have 24/7 operations and support for all services? What is the impact of incidents? What is our current setup? Do we spend the money wisely?

Simplyit.cloud visualization of relations between services, their components and related vendors.

Business benefits

Recent customer story: The visualization of various services and connections to the business processes helped us recently lead the first discussions about service criticality and service parameters among executives (CIO, COO, head of products and head of sales) of enterprise company leading their market segment in Middle Europe.

Thanks to this discussion,executives pretty well understood various aspects of moving services into the “higher” quality level. They understood it is not just the increase of qualitative aspects of the services, but also the increase of the company operating costs. Quite easily, we got to business-critical services, relevant times and parameters.

The higher service availability you expect, the more it costs.

By using Simplyit.cloud you can gain following business benefits:

  • Better focus on the right things, more informed business decisions, smoother operation by knowing the priorities and dependencies among the business processes, IT services, IT systems and vendors.
  • Appropriate parameters set for the right services (money spent wisely).
  • Optimization of important servicesand particular aspects from the huge priority list (in business and IT infrastructure).
  • Focus on building and managing key partnerships (out of dozens of vendors).

If you are COO, CIO, IT manager or Service Manager and you store your services and dependences only in your head, documents and Excel sheets or ITSM tools like ServiceNow are too complex and expensive for you, you can try Simplyit.cloud trial.

Key features of Simplyit.cloud Focus scenario:

  • Business process / IT service catalogue with visual dependencies.
  • Business priorities and current status of the services.
  • Evidence and visualization of services, IT components and vendors behind the processes.
  • Vendors catalogue with relevant contacts.
  • Cross check of Service Level (SLA) parameters among different services and components to support end-to-end delivery of expected quality level.
Comparison of cascaded SLA — do they fit?

If you would like to know more about the trends in multi-vendor service environment, you can download our free white paper. It also uncovers the root causes of common problems in managing IT services and provides recommendations.

You can also try a free Simplyit.cloud trial or contact us, if you would like to discuss anything.

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