May 2020 release notes

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Possibility to create custom tasks

In company addministration you can create your own task categories (by default task and improvement with you can’t delete). You can create own categories and assign custom color.

When deleting category you can chose from destroy all tasks in category or move to another category.

Generic improvements in task management

Possibility to filter tasks on task board based on several criterias like

  • Name (text from task name)
  • Task categories
  • Task responsible person

Expected start and end date & time in task creation separated to the two fields.

Person avatar in task board
Task board filtering

Calendar filters

Task calendar includes now the filtering possibilities enabling you to filter based on criterias like task categories, responsible persons and based on what tasks appends on.

Possibility to rename E2E Services, Service Components and Providers

Now you can rename E2E Services, Service Components and Providers to your selected names. This change is reflected in all parts of application.

Task board shows expected end date

There is now on task card in task board expected end time displayed.

Help & Feedback improvements

You can now see the questions you posted in Help & Feedback section

And other smaller improvements or bugs

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