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  1. Create Jira objects

As a first step you need to create basic data. Go to “Create” button under section Create Jira objects. 

  1. Create Workflow

As a next step you need to manually create Workflow. It allows you to work with service lifecycle states.Create a workflow  called “E2E Service 1.1” with a scheme shown below.

  1. Workflow Scheme

If created a new workflow, Atlassian requests you to also create a new Workflow Scheme.

Create a new Workflow Scheme called “ SC: Workflow scheme with configuration shown below.

  1. Create Service Catalog Jira project

Now we continue with setting our application. Create a Jira project to store all service catalog items. 

  1. Create Kanban board

To know what Service Catalog items are in what lifecycle stage you need to create a new kanban board in the Service Catalog project. 

Configure Kanban board columns as show below

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